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Bye, Boka! How to remove fat on the waist without leaving the house?

Bye, Boka! How to remove fat on the waist without leaving the house?

Did you increase your "lifeline" considerably while you were at home?

It's time to save yourself before it's too late! Fat on the waist has not accumulated in a day, and you can not get rid of it in a day.

Therefore, be patient and forward:

  • Reduce, or better yet eliminate, your diet of fast carbohydrates: candy, cookies, fast food, and so on and so forth. Are you drooling already? Let's have a lip, it's no wonder you clicked on this article ;)

Do not be upset, because you can just replace it cookies and cakes for fruit, marmalade, marshmallows, dark chocolate. It's also delicious!

  • Without exercise in any way. After all, if you lose weight without training your muscles, you will find an oil painting: dull hanging skin and fat.

Here are some 100 percent effective exercises on the sides:

1. Standing, bending and twisting with dumbbells. Enough 20-30 with a break for rest, in 2-3 approaches. Keep your shoulders and back straight.

2. Lie on your stomach and slowly lift your body up.

3. And to melt the fat on the sides, perform twists to the right and left. It is convenient to count in 4 lifts: lift up – to the right, then up again-to the left. Such super-energy-consuming exercises are enough 10. These exercises perfectly strengthen the muscles of the entire back and lower back.

  • Self-massage of problem areas. You can use special gels, massage oils, and scrubs. You can wear a glove. Even with my bare hands, the main thing in this case is regularity.

Regularity is essential in any endeavor, until it becomes a reinforced concrete habit. And habit, as you know, is second nature.

Success! and # fanaticism

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