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Arthritis in the elderly: symptoms and methods of fighting at home

Arthritis in the elderly: symptoms and methods of fighting at home

Arthritis most often affects the elderly, it worsens the quality of motor function and requires treatment. Refusal of therapy leads to the development of the disease and threatens disability.

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The first signs of arthritis usually affect the big toe. Symptoms take the form of severe pain and swelling in the metatarsophalangeal joint. Then the arthritis can spread to other joints of the limbs and even attack the kidneys. Acute form of the disease usually disappears within a few days, but has a tendency to relapse.

Arthritis — what is it?

Arthritis, also known as gout, is a metabolic disease caused by the deposition of sodium urate crystals in the periarticular tissues. They cause episodes of acute arthritis, mainly in the feet and hands in the hands, with a tendency to spread to other areas of the extremities, as well as to the kidneys.

Arthritis, once known as the" disease of the kings and the rich, " occurs mainly due to a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, genetic conditions, and impaired kidney function. The disease worsens the quality lives.

Arthritis can also lead to permanent degenerative joint changes and even disability. Treatment of arthritis is necessary to alleviate symptoms and prevent complications.

Causes of arthritis

The causes of arthritis lie in the increased level of uric acid in the blood due to a violation renal excretion. An increased level of this substance in the body leads to its deposition in the form of crystals that accumulate in the structures of the joint, tendons, ligaments or periarticular tissues. Thus, it causes severe inflammation.

Which leads to the accumulation of uric acids?

  • genetic mutations are responsible for almost 60% of cases of changes in the level of harmful acids;
  • lifestyle, including poor nutrition — high amounts of alcohol, red meat, seafood, and foods sweetened with fructose; additionally: physical injuries, low physical activity, a passive lifestyle;
  • body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 35 (obese, second degree);
  • diseases, including metabolic syndrome (combination of abdominal obesity with hypertension, abnormal lipid levels and insulin resistance), kidney failure, psoriasis, and the syndrome Lesha-Nihana;

Symptom of arthritis

Symptoms of arthritis are manifested by a number of problematic and unpleasant diseases that affect the peripheral joints of the extremities, usually the base of the big toe, as well as the ankle, knee, wrist and hand joints.

Symptoms the following:

  • acute inflammation, i.e. local redness, tenderness on palpation and swelling of the joints;
  • pain that increases at night and persists after waking, with a tendency to decrease in intensity during the day and after removing shoes; pain can persist for the entire period exacerbations, that is, even a few days;
  • fatigue, fever, depressed mood, joint deformity, limited mobility in this area caused by discomfort.

Untreated or recurrent arthritis, that is, the deposition of uric acid crystals (gouty nodules) in the joints it turns the acute form of the disease into a chronic one. This usually also causes erosion of the bones forming this joint, exacerbating symptoms and discomfort.

Deposits of a toxic substance can accumulate in the kidneys, forming stones in them, and also lead to urate nephropathy or interstitial nephritis. jade.

How to beat arthritis at home?

Specialized treatment of gout is carried out according to the doctor's prescription. It is supplemented with non-invasive home methods:

  • in the acute phase of the disease, cold compresses are applied several times a day - under the supervision of a home doctor they reduce inflammation and ease pain;
  • a balanced low-calorie diet rich in vitamin C and complex carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and cereals. In addition, dairy products, vegetables and fruits are recommended.
  • In the fight against the disease, regular, but rational use of coffee and herbal drinks from chamomile, horsetail or nettle. Increased hydration of the body is necessary;
  • physical activity and gradual weight loss, this allows you to maintain and increase joint mobility, accelerate metabolism.    

We warn you about mandatory consultation with a medical specialist!

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