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A woman who lost 166 kg of weight despite her husband's desire to see her full

A woman who lost 166 kg of weight despite her husband's desire to see her full

Alisha kirgan became a participant of the American show I weigh 300 kg The project is used by people with huge weight who decide to lose weight.

282 kg in 32 years

Alisha lived with her husband, who took care of her. She was practically unable to do anything on her own - her weight reached the level of 282 kg. The age at the time of taking part in the show is 32 years.

She could hardly get out of bed, couldn't do it properly wash yourself. But she was eating. All the time. She was ashamed and self-conscious, but she ate anyway...

Participation in the show

Dr. Nazardan, the chief physician and surgeon of the project, instructed Alisha to lose 22 kg of weight and put her on a protein diet. Only in this scenario, she will have an operation to reduce her stomach.

But the woman did not cope with the task, lost only 8 kg of weight. The operation was not approved. Over the next 2 months, she lost only 7 kg.

Alisha and her husband at a doctor's appointment with Nazardan

After receiving scolded by the doctor, alisha still pulled herself together and over the next month was able to lose 23 kg. She had an operation, her stomach was reduced.

My appetite was gone, and my business was up. During the first year of participation in the project, alisha lost 90 kg and herds weigh 192 kg instead of 282 kg.

Then my husband began to slow down

Gradually, she became a woman. I lost weight more slowly, and then I didn't lose anything at all. The doctor knew that soon she would begin to gain weight again, and he began to understand the reasons.

It turned out that her husband gave her only pseudo-support. It seems to be nearby, helps, advises something. But at the same time, he tells her not to overdo it by covering it up care.

In the process of losing weight

He could not accept the idea that his wife was now becoming more independent, he did not want it, he was satisfied with their past life.

After the doctor made a remark to him about this, alisha took offense and decided exit the program...

But she came back

Alisha started going to a psychologist, and she and her husband managed to find a compromise. the Woman began to lose weight again and returned to the program. In these new 4 months, she has lost 34 pounds.

Alisha kirgan-a participant about whom filmed two episodes of the reality show I weigh 300 kg The project accompanied her for 2 years. If the first year she finished in the weight of 192 kg, then in the second year she lost another 76 kg.

As a result, the woman lost 166 kg in two years and began to weigh 116 kg!

She and her husband are still together. If before he was opposed to her losing weight, now he is even happy my wife's name:

Dr. Nazardan promised her soon to remove the excess skin, which after such a weight loss turned out to be very much.

She weighed 286 kg, her husband abandoned her. She lost 120 pounds I think he's back. History of one family

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