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PP-cake "Coconut Paradise": 190 kcal per serving!

PP-cake "Coconut Paradise": 190 kcal per serving!

The banana-coconut flavor of this cake simply knocks you down even at the baking stage! The sight of it is no less appetizing than the smell. But this is not its main advantages - in this PP-baking there are practically no carbohydrates, since you will not find any sugar or flour in the composition ! Do you think that doesn't happen? And you will bake it, try it! In addition, it is not difficult to prepare it at all!

Banana-coconut PP cake

Ingredients for 1 large pie (6 serving pieces)

✔ This is 300 g of cottage cheese
✔ App 4 eggs
✔ App 4 tablespoons coconut flakes
✔ App 1.5 tbsp rice flour
✔ this is shzam powder to taste (mine is 5 unpacked level scoops of Hitparade No. 8)
✔ App 3 cube of dark chocolate
✔ this is half a large banana

Calories per serving - 187 kcal!

Step-by-step process of making⬇this⬇this⬇it's amazing

The first thing that you need to do-whisk eggs with sweetener into a lush foam. We do not need to achieve steady, strong peaks, just 1-2 minutes in a blender and enough. In General, the dough for this pie is more convenient to prepare in a blender.

Now add cottage cheese to the egg mixture and once again whisk everything together. The mass should work homogeneous, liquid.

Using a coffee grinder or food processor, chop the coconut shavings. Completely in the flour you do not put it, in the shavings, unlike coconut flour, there is more fat and moisture.

Adds what turned out to be cottage cheese with eggs, immediately pour out rice flour.

Whisk, pour into the form for baking (again I will recommend silicone, it does not need to be greased with anything, it is very convenient), leave on the table for 10-15 minutes.

The dough will infuse and become thicker. Add banana and chocolate pieces to the pie, as in the photo.

banana and chocolate will make it even better better

Bake at 170 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

You can eat it warm! Although it is very good in cold form!

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